BABA de Barcelone

BABA de Barcelone




Image: 7 am, behind Barcelona Cathedral. We organized: actors, animals, make-up, wardrobe. Don Quijote enters the town of Barcelona.
Filmed with Steadycam on Sony XD Cam.

90 min prime time documentary about Barcelona with star presenter Antoine de Caunes.
3 Months in-house pre production: Research done by journalists and story tellers
3 weeks shooting in Barcelona
Director: Peter Stuart (LA, USA)
TV: Canal+ France
Producer for Canal+: Rapido Media France

Local producer: Markus Ruf

Testimonial Director Peter Stuart:

Markus Ruf served as my local producer on a 90 minute, prime-time special about Barcelona which I directed for Canal Plus in France. This was not your run-of-the-mill documentary; it involved the hiring of actors, extras, props, special effects, costumes, and numerous long shooting days with multiple locations. Through it all Markus and his team at Bonitaworld handled it all with calm professionalism and a ‘can-do’ spirit. He supplied me with top researchers, camera operators, and sound engineers who could function in any language I needed – in my case English and French. I cannot recommend Makus and Bonitaworld highly enough. I make programs all over the world and know how difficult it is to find top quality production services on location. Markus Ruf is someone you can definitely trust to get the job done – and somehow he always does it with enthusiasm and a smile. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at: Peter Stuart [email protected] Markus – I mean every word of it. I’m about to start shooting the Seoul, South Korea show and wish I had you here!



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17 octubre, 2014